Wavefront-Guided Technologies

Advanced wavefront technology delivers a high resolution wavefront correction. Originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space, this advanced technology is now being applied to laser vision correction, to identify unique imperfections in the eye. In fact, wavefront-guided technology identifies and measures imperfections in a patient's eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. Your doctor uses these precise measurements to plan the treatment delivered by the laser.

Wavefront-guided technology has been used in millions of laser vision procedures worldwide. The wavefront-guided Laser utilizes advanced technologies such as:

  • The ActiveTrak 3-D Eye Tracker which actively follows the tiniest motions of your eye in all three dimensions, enhancing safety and accuracy.
  • The ActiveTrak Automatic Centering allows your doctor to precisely identify the center of the pupil and keep the laser centered to within 50 microns (approximately the width of a human hair), even if your eye moves.
  • Variable Spot Scanning incorporates a sophisticated array of seven beam diameters ranging from 0.65 to 6.5mm to give you a personalized treatment quickly and efficiently. Variable Spot Scanning and Variable Repetition Rate offer your doctor greater flexibility in developing a more customized laser vision procedure.
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